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Who is Influhunt for ?

Influhunt is for all type of influencers and bloggers from all countries and from all type of blogs and social media (youtube, instagram, facebook, twitter….) who wish to have more and better targetted collaboration offers from brands worldwide.

Do I need special qualifications to sign up ?

All you need is to have a substancial number of followers to be attractive enough to brands.

If we see that your followers are not real and that you are « cheating » we will remove you from our website.

How do I get started ?

Sign in and complete carefully your profile. The more precise and complete your profile is, the more chances you will have to get contacted by the right brands for the right job. Please take your time to show a summary of the best of what you can do.

How do I find brand partners ?

According to your categories of interest and to the information you post on your profile, you will appear in the search results of the brands. They will then decide who they will contact to collaborate for their next campaign.

What is my interest in completing my profile ?

The more precise and complete your profile is, the more chances you will have to get contacted by the right brands for the right job. As an influencer you probably receive tons of work offers that are not in accordance with your interests, with Influhunt you will get more targetted offers.

I don’t speak good English, is this a problem ?

It’s not a problem if you dont speak English very well, we are at your disposal if you need explanations.

I live outside Europe, is this a problem ?

Living outside Europe is not a problem, on the contrary, many European brands might contact you as they are exploring new markets or wishing to develop abroad.

When will Influhunt be openned for brands ? will be opened for brands as soon as you will be enough influencers signed in. So don’t be shy, don’t hesitate to tell about us around you to have your influencer friends  sign in !

Is Influhunt free ?

Yes is totally free for influencers.

Does Influhunt take a fee off the contracts signed between the influencers and the brands ?

No. The contracts signed between the brands and the Influencers are strictly personal, Influhunt has nothing to do with that. We are not an agency.

What type of data do you take from social media ?

When you log your different social media accounts in we will simply retrieve datas relative to your number of posts, followers, comments and « likes ». We will not access your private inbox.

Why do I have to link my social media ?

We need you to link your social media accounts in order to provide real time accurate data to brands looking for influencers.

Is my profile public ? Who can access my profile ?

Your profile will only be accessible in the search results to brands that launched a search corresponding to your profile.

I don’t want to say how much I charge for a post on my profile, is this ok ?

If you wish to keep that information private it is not a problem.

I want to shut my account down, will you erase all my data ?

Yes we will.

How often are the analytics refreshed ?

Every 24 hours.

Can I sign up to if I am already signed up on similar website or if I have an agency ?

YES, we are no concurrent to any agency as we don’t take a fee on your contracts. The more websites you are signed up with the more visibility you get !

If you are not open for brands yet, why should I sign up now ?

While we launch for brands, you should sign up in order to see your analytics, prepare your profile, and make our graphic to work in order to showcase your work as best as possible for when the brands can sign up. The quicker we will reach a consequent number of influencers signed up, the quicker you get business offers.